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C/NET Solutions Software Features

abstractfeatures All C/NET Solutions products include these powerful features:
  • Cursor movements, hot keys and screens designed with registrar input
  • Data entry features like default values, automatic fill-ins and calculated fields help to ensure data quality and reduce key strokes
  • Easy physician lookup, editing and addition functions, without exiting the case
  • Export report data directly to Microsoft Excel, including ready-made charts and graphs
  • Users can control their data entry environment by setting abstracting options
  • Quickly select specific cases or groups of cases with user-defined filters and subfiles, and save them to use again and again
  • Reports can be saved in a variety of formats and opened by common spreadsheet, word-processing, database and web software
Smart Help System
  • Users have a choice of help systems – Smart Help or pop-up help
  • Smart Help system uses on-screen coding manuals that follow along with data entry, always displaying the right manual pages for the field being entered
  • With pop-up help, coding manuals are just one keystroke away – press F1 for comprehensive, context-sensitive help
  • Instant access to electronic coding manuals – Collaborative Staging Manual, FORDS with surgery codes, CNExT User Manual, SEER Program Manual, SEER Rx and SEER Hematopoietic Database
  • The built-in Multiple Primary and Histology tool guides users through the decision process to determine the correct number of primary tumors and histology codes
  • State-specific edits built right into the program – no need to run a separate utility!
  • Standard ACoS, SEER, NAACCR, state, and RQRS edits available during case entry
  • The built-in Edits Monster meets the requirements for NCDB submission – no need to run GenEdits!
  • Cases can be corrected from one edits resolution screen that displays edit help information
  • Unique batch edits feature allows registrars to run groups of cases against specific edit sets before submitting data to outside organizations
  • Unlimited ability to customize security roles and database access
  • CNExT-specific HIPAA compliant logins and passwords
  • HIPAA tracking of data disclosures with ability to export reports
  • Logging of database access
Additional Features
  • Network ready, for both Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Remote access capable via Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Citrix
  • ODBC