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C/NET Solutions gives registrars the complete cancer data management system they need to run an efficient cancer registry and meet the standards of accrediting agencies.

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Need a cancer registry program to assist with your recordkeeping? If so, view the main reasons that C/NET Solutions’ CNExT software is the choice of over 800 hospitals!

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About C/NET Solutions

For 40 years, C/NET Solutions has distinguished itself as an industry leader in the realm of cancer registry. Established in 1983, our CANSUR/NET software was disseminated first to healthcare facilities within California before then becoming a standardized desktop tool for American College of Surgeons hospitals and affiliated medical centers across the United States. This marked a new era for computerized data collection and set the precedence for standardization among such information banks.

Why CNExT Cancer Registry Software?

There are countless reasons to opt for CNExT’s cancer data management system and we’ve highlighted some of the most convincing arguments below.
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We believe that data is knowledge and knowledge is power. Our cost-effective software provides fast and accurate cancer data acquisition, so you have the information you need to monitor treatment and improve the lives of cancer patients.