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This product configuration is designed for health care systems seeking American College of Surgeons cancer program accreditation and needing software that complies with the latest Commission on Cancer (COC) standards for cancer registries. This package also meets the needs of health systems that are seeking or have attained National Cancer Institute designation. Registry Standard comes with a comprehensive follow-up system, NCDB Call for Data and patient survivorship interface features, and offers an optional Clinical Trials Matching System add-on.
Standard Registry
This product configuration is designed for programs seeking ACoS accreditation and needing software that complies with the latest ACoS standards, including the recommended data set. This package also includes a fully-functional, strategy-based follow-up system, designed with input from registrars to automate the monthly follow-up process as much as possible. 
State Reporting Only
This product configuration is intended for smaller facilities or field abstractors wishing to report and edit their cancer data electronically, but not seeking ACoS accreditation. It does not include PCE studies, follow-up and some fields only required by the College of Surgeons. The State Reporting package is often used by facilities that are not pursuing ACoS approval and just need to report cases to the state. This package is also popular with central registries that provide abstracting services to small facilities.
System Requirements
Please see the Software Requirements (PDF) for all versions/configurations of CNExT (and CAS).