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CNExT Multi-Hospital Software

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Multi-hospital registrars, rejoice! CNExT can handle your complex registry software needs. The CNExT Multi-Hospital module is designed for health care systems with several facilities that need a shared database. A true relational database, the enhanced capabilities of this product configuration allow data analysis and reporting across all facilities or for any single facility. Patient and summary tumor data is shared while separate tracking occurs for each facilities admissions and treatment data. Individual facilities maintain control over follow-up management and state reporting while data analysis and reports can be generated for specific facilities or combined across the entire health care system.

  • Developed to meet the special needs of multi-facility registries
  • Enhanced capabilities allow reporting across all facilities or for any single facility
  • Includes all functions of CNExT Registry
  • All facilities share patient and summary tumor Dx & Rx coding and text
  • Separate fields track each facility‚Äôs admissions and treatment data
  • Maintains CNExT Registry look and feel
  • Merges hospital databases, linking and merging with registrar review
Case Lists & Reports
  • Select one hospital or combine all hospitals
  • Choose whether reports count by tumors or admissions
  • Each hospital maintains control over its own follow-up management
  • Layouts for follow-up letters are available to all hospitals, but can be customized based on individual registry requirements
System Requirements
Please click here for the system requirements for all versions/configurations of CNExT (and CAS). Click here for a PDF version.