C/NET Solutions, A Unique Approach

C/NET Solutions has been a leader in the cancer registry field for over 30 years. Founded in 1983, our CANSUR/NET software was distributed first to hospitals in California, then to over 800 facilities across the country by the American College of Surgeons. This marked a new era in computerized desktop collection of cancer data and standardization.

C/NET Solutions has grown to offer software packages for hospitals and health care systems of all sizes and budgets. We offer our CNExT standard registry package, a state reporting version, a multi-hospital version, electronic case identification, clinical trials matching, and interfacing to other systems such as EMR and patient survivorship software. CNExT is now the software of choice for over 350 health care facilities in more than 25 states and provinces across North America and in several countries worldwide.

A Unique Approach

Part of our unique approach at C/NET Solutions comes from our affiliation with the Public Health Institute, a national non-profit organization devoted to health, well-being and quality of life for all people. Our non-profit status allows us to offer our products at competitive prices and means that we work to serve you, not stockholders or corporate interests. Without the threat of buyouts or mergers, we’ll be here to meet your needs for years to come.

Another C/NET Solutions difference is in our relationship with our customers: we listen. Our customers’ opinions and suggestions have been instrumental in helping us design parts of the software like screen layout, cursor movements, keyboard commands, report formats and external interfaces. We make every effort to see our software from the registrar’s and administrator’s points of view, and it is this approach that has made our product the success it is today. Our commitment to our customers has made us well known among cancer registry professionals as providing the best customer support in the industry.

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We believe that data is knowledge and knowledge is power. Our cost-effective software provides fast and accurate cancer data acquisition, so you have the information you need to monitor treatment and improve the lives of cancer patients.