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C/NET Solutions has been the forerunner in delivering cancer registry software  innovations since 1983. C/NET Solutions has is known for its longstanding history of  being the right choice for cancer registry operations.

CNExT cancer registry software is a scalable solution that supports multi-hospital environments with multiple users accessing the application and database.

The Cancer Alert System (CAS) leverages HL7 messaging or customized interfaces to pathology, billing, radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology or any other health care system for expedited case identification.

CNExT and CAS are HIPAA compliant.

Seamless data interoperability with other systems, (ODBC, ADO).

The open database architecture in C/NET Solutions products allows for any number of possible future uses.

Efficiency in data entry, keeping your cancer registrars moving smoothly through the abstract.

Clickable SmartHelp files allow for easy review of standard setter coding rules. Review the rules and click the code to populate the abstract!

User Defined Abstract Layouts – comes standard with CNExT, create your own with ease.

User Defined Fields – create your own with the simple built in functionality.

CNExT is fully compliant in meeting the reporting requirements of standard setting organizations; ACoS-COC, NCI-SEER, NAACCR and NPCR as well as all state central cancer registries.

CNExT has an advanced user-friendly reports module. Canned reports and user specified supports are always at your fingertips.

CNExT is integrated with Microsoft Excel for customizing report data after its generated.

CNExT is integrated with Microsoft Word for word merge allow quick creating of letters and documents.

User Defined User Roles – Control access to specific functions based on your staffing.

CNExT has an advanced follow-up module with follow-up control reports, letter generation in Microsoft Word and the ability to quickly analyze follow-up rate compliance.

Our projects and technical support staff are experienced IT professionals, Certified Cancer Registrars (CTR) and Project Managers.

We listen to what our customers have to say and integrate suggestions that will benefit all users. Our Advisors committee members are your peers and represent you!

Standard Setter edits metafiles are integrated into CNExT, ensuring data quality all through the abstract and follow-up activities.

As part of Public Health Institute (, one of the largest non-profits in public health, we are able to keep our prices competitive.

User manuals, training tutorials and training videos for all CNExT and CAS functions are available 24/7.

Long-term staff with many years of knowledge and expertise.

Newer staff with the most current knowledge.

Electronic pathology reporting directly to your state central cancer registry.

Complete patient follow-up tracking and management.

Experience with International Cancer Registries.

Quality data conversions from other vendors.Your data is cleaner when you get it back than it was when you provided it to us to convert!

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C/NET Solutions... Your Total Cancer Registry Solution!

We believe that data is knowledge and knowledge is power. Our cost-effective software provides fast and accurate cancer data acquisition, so you have the information you need to monitor treatment and improve the lives of cancer patients.