CNExT Cancer Alert System Software

CNExT Cancer Alert System
Identifying all hospital cancer cases can be tedious and costly work. Let C/NET Solutions’ new Cancer Alert System do it for you! CAS taps into your existing network, quickly identifies potential cases, and brings them directly to your registry. CAS can help your registry save time and money to devote to other important tasks.

How Does CAS Work?

Who Can Use CAS?

CAS can be used at any size hospital registry or clinic. No specialized IT programming is needed.

Major Advantages of CAS

System Requirements

Please see the Software Requirements (PDF) for all versions/configurations of CNExT (and CAS).

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CNExT Registry - Logo

CNExT Registry

CNExT Registry is designed for health care systems seeking American College of Surgeons cancer program accreditation.

CNExT Multi-Hospital

CNExT Multi-Hospital

The CNExT Multi-Hospital module is designed for health care systems with several facilities that need a shared database.

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