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Identifying all hospital cancer cases can be tedious and costly work. Let C/NET Solutions’ new Cancer Alert System do it for you! CAS taps into your existing network, quickly identifies potential cases, and brings them directly to your registry. CAS can help your registry save time and money to devote to other important tasks. 
How Does CAS Work?
  • CAS electronically scans the hospital Admit/Discharge, Pathology and other systems for cancer-related messages and sends them to CNExT. IF the path report text contains cancer-related phrases, or the ICD9 code of the discharge is in the cancer range, the message is captured and presented to the cancer registrar through CNExT.
  • CNExT automatically checks for matches to previous cases and presents all possible cases to the registrar for review.
  • If requested, CNExT will use data provided by CAS to start a new case.
Who Can Use CAS?
  • CAS can be used at any size hospital registry or clinic. No specialized IT programming is needed.
Major Advantages of CAS
  • Clinical cases can also be found, because CAS integrates discharge information and pathology reports to start new cases in CNExT. Registrars can use data like admit reason, ICD-9 diagnostic code, insurer, and admitting MD
  • CAS will scan pathology and discharge reports for follow-up data. Hospital visits that would not normally be picked up in cancer casefinding can be used to automatically update patient follow-up
  • CAS is fully integrated into CNExT’s cancer registry software, so potential case reports are queued by CNExT for review. When casefinding, the full pathology report appears on the CNExT screen, along with information matching any registry cases. Registrars can choose to start a new case, add a new primary, update follow-up on an existing case, or skip the case as non-reportable. CNExT will pull in the data from CAS
System Requirements
Please click here for the system requirements for all versions/configurations of CNExT (and CAS). Click here for a PDF version.