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What is National Cancer Survivors Day?

It is a celebration for those who have survived, an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families, and an outreach to the community.  On Sunday, June 5, 2016, thousands gather across the globe to honor cancer survivors and to show the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be fruitful, rewarding and even inspiring.  National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual worldwide Celebration of Life.  It is the one day each year that people around the world come together to recognize the cancer survivors in their community, to raise awareness of the challenges these survivors face, and, most importantly, to celebrate life. As the number of cancer survivors continues to grow, it is becoming ever more important to address the unique needs of these survivors.  Many face limited access to healthcare specialists, a lack of information about promising new treatments, inadequate or no insurance, difficulty finding employment, an psychosocial struggles.  Once active treatment ends, cancer survivors still must cope with the long-term effects of cancer, which can include ongoing physical side effects as well as potentially devastating financial setbacks. There are nearly 14.5 million people living with and beyond cancer in the USA today, and more than 32 million cancer survivors worldwide.  Everyone knows someone who’s life has been touched by cancer.  The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation is encouraging all citizens to participate in their community’s events.  To locate one near you, check with your local cancer treatment center, hospital or the American Cancer Society office. Leading up to National Cancer Survivors Day, the NCSD Foundation urges everyone to spread the message that there is life after cancer – and that’s something to celebrate.
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