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Cancer Registry Plays a Vital Role in Quality Metrics at the UMass Memorial Medical Center

Initially, Cathy Gray, BA, CTR, Cancer Registry Manager, at the UMass Memorial Medical Center, was invited to participate in discussions about quality metrics as a courtesy to the cancer registry staff.  At that time, the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence medical and administrative staff, and even Cathy herself, did not realize that the cancer registry would have a central role in...
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Site-Specific Data Collection in the West Indies

The UWI Colorectal Cancer and Intracranial Tumour Research Projects The Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica, was established in 1948 and is currently comprised of 10 medical departments, one of which is the Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anesthesia and Intensive Care. C/NET Solutions began a relationship with the University of West Indies in 2010...
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Nassau University Medical Center’s Call for Data Experience

Peggy McNamee’s Story The reference date for Nassau University Medical Center’s (NUMC) cancer registry is 1989, but they have a cancer registry history that dates back much farther than that. “I still have hand-written ledgers of cancer records dating back to the 1950’s stored in the closet here”, says Peggy McNamee, CTR. NUMC was also one of the first hospitals in New York state to...
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South Georgia Makes the Switch

Laquita Johnson’s Story Laquita Johnson had been working in cancer data management at the same hospital for almost 12 years. She knew the codes, she knew her hospital, her doctors, her software. She was prepared. But in November 2002, something happened that she hadn’t prepared for. As has happened to so many other registrars, the software she was familiar with was phased out and she...
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The True Tale of an Enterprise Convert

An Interview with City of Hope’s Ina Ervin City of Hope Hospital is a world-renowned cancer research and treatment center in Los Angeles County, California. With patients arriving from all over the world for treatment, City of Hope’s cancer registry is a busy place as well. When You’re On a Network, There is Always Something Going On According to Cancer Registry Administrator...
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